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First Fridays Kansas City Crossroads Art District

Kansas City’s First Friday in the Crossroads Art District is always a great event. Held each first Friday of the month between March and October. Please stop by and say hello. There will be lots of familiar faces and a ton of new art, antiques and home accessories.    

“Four Seasons” by artist Golareh Safarian

Golareh’s “Four Seasons” is collection and was first exhibited in her solo show “See” in California during February of 2012.

LOVE aka Fall is one of the more erotic piece in this collection and is consistent with the artist’s homage to colors and shapes. This piece comes in ornate gold-colored wooden frame.

BIRTH aka Spring shows a beautiful impasto work that captures the artist’s emotions and make this a truly unique art piece that will complement any room. This piece showcases the artists commitment to the study and rediscovery of colors and shapes. This piece comes in ornate bronze-colored wooden frame.

HOPE aka Winter is one of our favorites and  is very much in the artist’s original style of high-vibrancy and color disruption. This piece comes in ornate bronze-colored wooden frame.

Golareh Safarian was born in Tehran, Iran on March 26, 1974. She spent her elementary school years in Madrid, Spain and in 1987 she moved with her family to Toronto, Canada, where she proceeded to obtain post-secondary degrees from the Universy of Toronto and a Journalism degree from Ryerson Polytechnic University.

In 2000 she moved to California where she obtained her Masters in Mass Communications from San Jose State University. While in grad school, she worked as a freelance storyteller and artist.

She believes life is a balancing act between positives and negatives; between awareness and ignorance; between creator and machine. In more tangible terms, this becomes a dance between the optimist and the pessimist within. In her art, she argues for her optimist while acknowledging the seductive and haunting pull of her pessimist. She identifies this as a personal quest for magic and beauty which she often finds in the unlikeliest of places.

Scout Guide Kansas City

Thanks again to Cathryn Farley with “The Scout Guide” for including me in this years guide to KC! The latest issue should be out real soon.


Miss Marilyn by Antoni Dragan, Greece 

Antoni Dragan was born and lived his childhood in Germany. He was always attracted to art. At early age, he won several local painting contests. He now lives and works in Greece. Most of his artworks include several paintings on the same surface.

Dragan uses only the finest German made paint making each piece visibly different depending on light intensity and angle. Hence, for his series of highly intense artwork, Dragan defined the term “Progressive Multipaint”. During his multi painting process, brushes and knifes are being used forcibly in various stages. His art is extremely colorful and aims to awake contrasting emotions. Signature on the front, while signed and dated on the back. Size: 62.99 x 47.24

Just Got Back From “Round Top”… Next Trip San Fransisco

 I just got back form Round Top, TX. I found lots of great 16th-19th century pieces from sellers who came from various parts of Europe. You can see some of the items that will soon be making their way to our Kansas City store in the right hand column. My next trip is to Atlanta, “Scotts Antique Market,” then off to “The San Francisco Fall Art & Antique Show.” From what I understand, the San Francisco show is located in the beautiful Marina District, between Fisherman’s Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge on San Francisco Bay. I’ve always loved visiting San Francisco and am looking forward to the trip. I love seeing the latest looks on the West Coast…


Antique Persian Rugs Can Make The Space Sing…

Antique Persian Rugs that add art to any room. Below are some of our awesome handmade rugs that we’ve placed inside new homes. I’ve personally wasted tons of money through the years trying to buy the cheap imitations, now I only invest in the best! Antique handmade Persian rugs tell a story, they are are truly an investment and add a wonderful warming touch to every room. Stop by the Gallery and see our selection of the finest antique Kashans, Heriz, Lilihans and  Sarouks. You will fall in love..


Gnome by artist Ottmar Hörl 

As an artist, I strive to develop an idea that goes further than just putting a mold somewhere. The idea must try to bring contemporary thinking to the point where people can develop their own personal structure.

As an artist, I do not want to imagine a particular form as a good one, but through real life impulses.

Ideally, people can change their mind, vision, and behavior. That’s why it’s art!

I make art – but this art is not supposed to be in- or out of style, but rather as a companion of everyday life. This is what interests me as an artist. I do not offer definitive solutions…

St. Tropaz by Michiel Folkers, Netherlands

This original piece of art is partly made up of streetposters, collected from the walls of Amsterdam. A collage of teared streetposters in combination with spray paint creates a richly-textured total. Afterwards acrylic is applied to this work followed by application of a lacquer which gives the artwork a shiny finish.

Michiel Folkers, was born in 1982 in The Netherlands. In the late 90’s he began experimenting with graffiti in Amsterdam. For years, he remained active with spraying letters on walls and as he got older, graffiti evolved in streetart and he also started to experiment on canvas. His street influences can still be recognized and by using hand torn collected street posters, he is able to compose unique images on canvas captivating the viewer with the voice of the people and his own.

Blending urban elements in a highly intricate way, he creates compositions that differentiate him from his counterparts. Since 2014 he has been diligently creating this body of work by replicating the captivating beauty of pop icons with his own style.

As an emerging artist from The Netherlands, his collage works are always being provided with posters he collects from walls out of the streets; he has developed a technique of ”Sustainable art” which gives a living and edgy character to his paintings. He also uses other old materials, like damaged brushes, blunt stanleyknives or other older and sometimes broken tools. Since by working with these tools and materials the result is always more surprising and exciting.‬

Michiel Folkers has been featured at The Robert Kidd Gallery (USA); Reload Gallery (UK); Art Southhampton (USA); Lilac gallery NYC (USA) Size: 39.37 x 39.37

Beautiful Butcher Block circa late-1800’s

Butcher block purchased in France, that is said to be owned at one time by a highly decorated Michelin Star Chef.  Great story and conversation!

Antique Flemish Sideboard circa late-1700’s

Antique Flemish oak sideboard was designed and built by the Flemish in or around the late-1700’s. This is a great conversation piece and somewhat a unique find because of the ornate sea horses and lion carvings.

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