The Story: My husband was a commodity trader in Chicago. We moved back to Kansas City many years ago to raise our children and to be around family and friends. Along our journey we focused on investing in real-estate. We currently own several homes, condo’s and properties throughout the Kansas City area. Through the process I’ve become a trusted sources in real-estate valuations, and ways people can decorate and remodel to best increase the value of their home or condo.

I Love To Shop For Cool Items:  My passion and hobby of designing and shopping for those special unique items has turned into a business. I personally travel all over the world and now have buyers in several countries that are trying to find just the right pieces for my projects.

Everything Has A Story:  Most every piece I purchase or item in the Gallery has a story of some sort. It was either owned by someone famous, an original creation, or perhaps one time auctioned by Sotheby’s or Christies.

The Gallery:  I needed a large space as my inventory grew. I loved the location by all the art galleries in the Crossroads District and was encouraged to open my doors to the general public, hence the beginning of “Michelle’s Home Gallery”.

Remodeling:  I’ve purchased homes and condo’s though the years where all I had to do was make some interior design changes and I increased the value by +30%. On the flip side, in my early years, I made some mistakes in remodeling that cost me dearly. I’ve learned form these mistakes and now know what pitfalls to avoid and where not to best spend money. I make a fantastic partner on any project!

Craftsmanship is of primary importance on all of my projects. I look at hundreds of properties each year and it saddens me to see homeowners spend hard earned money and in return get poor quality workmanship.

Cost:  I’m constantly asked about “cost” and how much I charge. Home items in the gallery have a wide range of prices. Projects are bid accordingly. With craftsmanships and providence being of most importance, we are certainly not a low-cost supplier. If your looking for “cheap” this is not where you want to stop!