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Antique French Church Alter circa early-1800’s

French Church alter is a stunning combination of oak and pine. It came from a church in southern France, with the town people saying it was put in place during the 1820’s. the top is thought to have been repurposed in the early-1900’s. The rays and sacred heart are of water gilt gold.        

Antique French Atelier Shop Table circa mid-1800’s

Antique French table from the 1850’s with original paint on the barley twist legs. Constructed of French white oak and pine and used by a designer. The unique stretcher was probably used for storing bolts of fabric or canvas. The bronze ruler on top for measuring and the hole to hold the bolts of fabric on poles for ease of measuring. Table of this era are very rare to have survived being used every day for the past 170 years.

Antique Carved Walnut Armoire circa late-1700’s

This brilliant antique armoire originates from Normandy, France. It’s made of what was once called the “noble woods” or in this case a select grade of walnut. The size of this piece and the hardware make it a very unique item.

Antique White Oak Hunt Table circa mid-1800’s

Amazing antique white oak road table purchased in France. It depicts a dog, fox, wild boar and stag.  This style was very popular in France in the 1840’s thru 1880’s. This model is unusual with the split column base with hidden leg and solid wood carved apron.

Antique Claw Feet Trestle Table circa mid-1700’s

Antique solid walnut European table was designed and constructed in the mid-1700’s. It was believed to have been used in a Monastery for many decades. Also separating this piece from many other tables built during this era is the design, which appears to be a mixture of both English and Flemish. The English feel coming from the Tudor rose designs displayed, which is the traditional floral heraldic emblem of England. And the claw feet on the table being generally more Flemish.

Louis XV Commode (circa mid-1700’s)

This is original Louis XV period chest is imply amazing! It was more than likely made between 1715 and 1774, the period of reign for Louis XV. This piece also includes the original ram’s heads that are very exclusive and all original hardware. The extension located along the top trim in the middle of the chest also makes this an extremely unique find, as many pieces from this era do not include the extension.

Dream Together by Michiel Folkers, Netherlands

This original piece of art is partly made up of streetposters, collected from the walls of Amsterdam. A collage of teared streetposters in combination with spray paint that creates a richly-textured total. Afterwards acrylic is applied to this work followed by application of a lacquer which gives the artwork a shiny finish.

Michiel Folkers, was born in 1982 in The Netherlands. In the late 90’s he began experimenting with graffiti in Amsterdam. For years, he remained active with spraying letters on walls and as he got older, graffiti evolved in streetart and he also started to experiment on canvas. His street influences can still be recognized and by using hand torn collected street posters, he is able to compose unique images on canvas captivating the viewer with the voice of the people and his own.

Blending urban elements in a highly intricate way, he creates compositions that differentiate him from his counterparts. Since 2014 he has been diligently creating this body of work by replicating the captivating beauty of pop icons with his own style.

As an emerging artist from The Netherlands, his collage works are always being provided with posters he collects from walls out of the streets; he has developed a technique of ”Sustainable art” which gives a living and edgy character to his paintings. He also uses other old materials, like damaged brushes, blunt stanleyknives or other older and sometimes broken tools. Since by working with these tools and materials the result is always more surprising and exciting.

Michiel Folkers has been featured at The Robert Kidd Gallery (USA); Reload Gallery (UK); Art Southhampton (USA); Lilac gallery NYC (USA)  Size: 31.5 x 47.24

Spanish Money Table (circa late-1600’s)

This amazing table dates back to the late-1600’s and was said to be used for people to approach and pay their taxes. Great conversation piece with an amazing story!

Carved Dog Table (circa mid-1800’s)

This amazingly carved walnut dog table was built in the mid-1800’s. This particular table is considered somewhat rare as many hunt tables from this era are found with a deer, a boar, a stag, and on occasion a group of dogs carved into the feet. It can also be very hard to find a table with four such ornate dog carvings


Cire Trudon Candles Are In Stock!!!

I am lucky to have been selected as Kansas City’s premier Cire Trudon candle dealer. Cire Trudon was started in 1643 and is the worlds oldest candle maker. The candles are handcrafted in France and have been used by many of the worlds top Royalty, including The Court of Versailles, Napoleon and Marie Antoinette. Each candle is an amazing piece of artwork and design. Please come by the gallery to check out the amazing scents and styles.

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