Golareh’s “Four Seasons” is collection and was first exhibited in her solo show “See” in California during February of 2012.

LOVE aka Fall is one of the more erotic piece in this collection and is consistent with the artist’s homage to colors and shapes. This piece comes in ornate gold-colored wooden frame.

BIRTH aka Spring shows a beautiful impasto work that captures the artist’s emotions and make this a truly unique art piece that will complement any room. This piece showcases the artists commitment to the study and rediscovery of colors and shapes. This piece comes in ornate bronze-colored wooden frame.

HOPE aka Winter is one of our favorites and  is very much in the artist’s original style of high-vibrancy and color disruption. This piece comes in ornate bronze-colored wooden frame.

Golareh Safarian was born in Tehran, Iran on March 26, 1974. She spent her elementary school years in Madrid, Spain and in 1987 she moved with her family to Toronto, Canada, where she proceeded to obtain post-secondary degrees from the Universy of Toronto and a Journalism degree from Ryerson Polytechnic University.

In 2000 she moved to California where she obtained her Masters in Mass Communications from San Jose State University. While in grad school, she worked as a freelance storyteller and artist.

She believes life is a balancing act between positives and negatives; between awareness and ignorance; between creator and machine. In more tangible terms, this becomes a dance between the optimist and the pessimist within. In her art, she argues for her optimist while acknowledging the seductive and haunting pull of her pessimist. She identifies this as a personal quest for magic and beauty which she often finds in the unlikeliest of places.